One touch scheduler

One touch scheduler


Cisco one button to push


Polycom click to join

Cisco and Polycom endpoints can now with a single click join Ubiety calls, any other SIP address that has been added into a calendar invitation. Regardless if a video conference meeting is organized internally or externally.

Cisco endpoint daily schedule summary

Cisco endpoint daily schedule summary

Platform Notes
Ubiety The highest quality meeting platform in the world, of course
Skype for business Office 365 or on-premise (using Ubiety cloud gateway or own gateway)
Cisco Meeting Server On premise or service provider
Cisco WebEx Must be a WebEx CMR meeting with SIP address
Cisco Spark A Spark space SIP URI can be found in the Meetings menu of any space
Zoom Zoom subscription must have H323/SIP connectors
BlueJeans BlueJeans subscription must include SIP plan
Pexip On premise or service provider

Plus: any other SIP address rules you want to configure

Endpoint hardware supported







Spark Room Kit and Room series


Group series

Calendars supported


Google Calendar


Microsoft Exchange – On premise or Office 365

So how does it work?

We install a small purely on-premise windows application on your network or can cloud host and VPN in. This application has a non-intrusive calendar integration that reads the calendars of the meeting rooms (not employees calendars).

This application also communicates directly to the Cisco and Polycom video endpoints via API to add the one touch information when the meeting room is booked.

Then when an employee simply adds the meeting room as a resource to any calendar invite regardless if the meeting is internally or externally organized the application parses the meeting room/s invite and searches for the specific SIP RegEx rules.

What happens next is…

  • If it finds a rule that matches it’ll add that SIP URI to the endpoints calendar. It doesn’t matter if the meeting service is reservationless or scheduled.
  • If its a ‘Skype for Business’ invite, it’ll transform the Skype URL to a dialable SIP string on the endpoint that gateways the endpoint via our cloud Ubiety gateway. Or your own Cisco Meeting Server or Pexip gateway.
  • If there is no matching rules i.e. no meeting service in the invite. We can optionally have the application auto-schedule a Ubiety Meeting Space for the endpoint/s at time of the meeting. Which will also email all invitees of the meeting with remote guest access for other external video endpoints, Skype for business participants, web guest and global phone dial in. Or again schedule on your own Cisco Meeting Server or Pexip. Nice!

All in all saves a huge amount of time for IT & employees! Users simply walk into the meeting room and touch one button to join whatever call is organized. No need to worry about typing manual SIP URI’s or scheduling calls from the helpdesk, its all automatic.

Plus the massive benefit of adding insanely simple Skype Meetings interoperability to your video endpoints without the need to have all participants join an external bridge, simplifying the workflow and getting the best use out of your high quality meeting room assets.

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Whilst you’re here….
If you own any current generation DX, SX, MX or Spark Room series Cisco endpoints, or especially dual screen endpoints you’ve got to check out our Ubiety cloud bridging that includes “MultiStream” Dual screen video and “ActiveControl” participant lists directly on the endpoints for free. No other cloud bridging service can offer this.

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With multistream


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