Hybrid Cloud


Cloud video collaboration is great! but the one problem for enterprise customers is that every single call leg has to go out to the internet and back. That can put a bit of a strain on your network and doesn’t utilize your sexy global contended prioritized wide area network you’ve built.


The other option is to purchase an on-premise bridge, however means you have to manage all the infrastructure, are always limited by the capacity of the physical servers you purchase, have limited redundancy and have to build all services around the bridge you want e.g. global phone dial in. Certainly not ideal in today’s fast paced IT environment.


With that in mind we decided to help customers deliver the best of both :)


For Shared 5 and above customers we offer free on-premise nodes to manage all the on-net bridging creating a hybrid cloud. This allows the highest level of quality and security for on-net calls without leaving the network, but when external participants join the call, they connect via the standard cloud Ubiety bridges and the call cascades with a single HD connection per conference and maintains correct flexible layouts for all.

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