Giving back

Communication and collaboration is the definitive way organisations around the world to make a positive impact within their own organisation and with partners/customers/suppliers. We are taking corporate responsibility to a totally new level….. We get actively involved with charity initiatives. We take the time to study and focus on social causes that need assistance and actively contribute in a variety of ways:

In 2013, we also took the initiative to raise $75,000 by participating in a 70km Trek in Northern Thailand, which meant we could build an orphanage boarding house to help kids that otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to an education.

With Ubiety for every conference minute of every Ubiety conference we will donate a minute of global conference calling to charity. There is no cap on our charitable contributions, the more our customers improve their communication, the more we can enable collaboration for those that need it the most.

Carbon Neutral

We are committed to being 100% carbon neutral by offsetting all our energy consumption. We minimize our carbon footprint by using technology for meetings rather than traveling in person wherever possible. We also reduce energy consumption in our data center by choosing the best environmental performing tier one telecom and data center providers.

We carbon offset remaining emissions with gold standard certificates, investing in projects to clean up Landfill sites, reducing Methane going into the atmosphere and creation of renewable energy resources. Ultimately, we take responsibility for our actions and when you join Ubiety as a customer, you also get to benefit and promote you are using carbon neutral vendor.

Our Goals

Is to drastically improve business communication and make it accessible to every business large or small on any device, anywhere in the world whilst using our collective resources to give back to those who need it most.